Latest News
  1. Michael D. Buck is the new KBA scout in USA!
  2. Panagiotis Freeman Ejiaka is the new client for KBA!
  3. Paulos Papadis 1.87cm PG is the new player for KBA!
  4. Panagiotis Zaraidonis has started a collaboration with KBA!
  5. Shawn Foxbrennen chose to select KBA!

At KBA, we believe in the fundamental importance of the relationship between players and agents. We develop personal relationships with each of our customers, and this goes beyond the basketball floor .We take a direct and honest approach with every one of our players with the objective of maintaining the highest level of integrity throughout our relationship and provide each player with the highest level of personal service. We are committed to provide each client with all the necessary means to achieve full potential, both in court and out of it.”


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