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  1. Reginald Holmes Signs for the season 2018-2019 with GS Kymis!!
  2. Cameron Naylor was the MVP of the game!!
  3. Cameron Naylor (ex Timba Timis.) signs at Apollon
  4. The American F-PF Davaris McGowens Agreed with SPORTS CLUB AL WAHDA S.G in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
  5. American guard BK Ashe agreed with SPORTS CLUB AL WAHDA S.G in United Arab Emirates


Our mission is to provide our customers the highest level of service possible. We are committed to providing our client all the foundations necessary just to reach its full potential, both within but especially outside the pitch. We want to help you achieve this goal and our commitment to ensure that we will do everything possible. That’s why our services are authorized from the official license of FIBA trough the Greek basketball federation too.

KOUROS BASKETBALL AGENCY is a global agency, which through its partners and associates in different corners of the world and at the same time well versed in basketball, is providing mediation services contract between players and professional sports clubs. At KOUROS BASKETBALL AGENCY our top priority is providing the best customer service representation and management of career choices. We also believe the fundamental importance to the relationship between players and agents by developing personal relationships with our customers go far beyond the basketball floor.

We take into account direct and honest approach with every player with the objective of maintaining the highest level of integrity throughout the period of cooperation. Our mission is to provide our customers the highest level of service possible. We are committed to providing our client all the foundations necessary just to reach its full potential, both within but especially outside the pitch.

We want to help you achieve this goal and our commitment to ensure that we will do everything possible. That’s why our services are authorized from the official license of FIBA trough the Greek basketball federation too.

Vasilis Kouros

Vasilis Kouros was born in Greece in 1970, former pro basketball player from 1987 to 2006.He started playing basketball in group C league only 14 years old, and his first important transfer for his professional carrer was in Panellinios Athens in A2 .After he signed for Sporting Athens in A1 Greek league.After he joined Ionikos NF, KAOD Drama, Ionikos Nice, Ilisiakos BC, Near-east, Den Helder in Holland mainly in center position. From 2006 onwards deals with the representation of players, with great success, signing players on the caliber of Ibrahim Jabber, Smush Parker, Nestoras Kommatos in iran, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Tapoutos Christos in Greece and Turkey,Jimmy Baxter in Greece, Iran, Billy Keys in Greece, Giannis Gagaloudis Greece and Europe, Dwight Thorne, kenny Hall, Rashad Anderson, Alex Acker, Stephane Lasme in Panathinaikos BC, and many other players in Greek league ando also in many European league too. Since 2009 he has the permission of the Greek basketball and since 2011 the licence of player’s agent from FIBA, he speaks Greek and English too.

Giorgio Zambellis

Giorgio Zambellis was Born in 1973 in Rome, began his professional career by signing his first contract in 1990 in the Greek A2 league for Panellinios Athens. He played pro basketball in Greece, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain, mainly in the role of small forward and power forward and in the mean of his basketball career as well as having played alongside with major players in the Italian and European level has not only grown but also become technically and tactically ductile, cultivating also good relations with the clubs which he played for.Speaks Greek and Italian as mother language, English, Spanish and some fair German, good knowledge of European market, closely following the developments of the major European leagues, where thanks to his knowledge can be updated in real time on technical requirements tactics each individual club, offering his advice more often as outside partner. Is the right way that drives many professional clubs to give more credits to the figure of a sporting director cause as we know is essential today for the professional growth of a club for an ambitious project. After finishing his career away from Italy has always thought that was appropriate to remain in basketball environment, this time off the courts to help players not only in terms of contracts but also preparing them to important decisions which could become crucial for the rest of their basketball career and beyond through his licence from FIBA , from the Italian federation, from the Greek federation and also through the German Bundesliga . He also works for the sports TV rights with some Italian sports channels and he worked also as sports speaker too in TV and radio too.

Alexander Zotos

Alexander Zotos was born in Greece in 1981, former basketball player from 1990 to 2002.He started playing basketball in greek youth league league at the age of 11 years old, in the forward position in teams of the local athens youth championship(Panathinaikos bc,Sporting bc,3 Stars bc)he ended his basketball carrer in 2002 because of an knee injury.. From 2002 onwards he started working as coach and assistant coach majorly in teams of the youth league such as kap bc,ionia bc,perissos bc,from 2010-2013 worked as general manager at Ionia bc,that played in the 1st men division of Athens local league.Since October 2018 he has the basketball agent permission of the Greek basketball association.He speaks Greek and English too.

Rizep Benghuzzi

Rizep Benghuzzi. Grow up and study at Greece.He has Libyan nationality and Studied Sport Science and Management. Worked at the Libyan and Greek tv! Now he manages the media office of Mr. Hassan Tatanki, Libyan poltiican and most famous business man in Libya! And represent Kba Omnia Europe in Libya and Egypt.He speaks Greek-Arabic and English too.

Mostafa Elsharawy

Mostafa Elsharawy – Retired Basketball player who represented Egyptian National team in many Championships such as World Universidad – Canada. African Championship U18 – Angola and World cup U19 – Brazil. Elsharawy has multiple skills in different aspects of life. He is holding a BC.s in Civil Engineering – Cairo University, Expert in Astronomy. freelancer instructor «Marketing – Sales – high level of Management – ERP», Business developing Management, Basketball Analyst and Life –Coach. He is a father of two kids Hala & Zeyad. Hala is a professional basketball player who studied in USA and played in NCAA Division I and Zeyad is a freshman in college and he is a volleyball player. Mostafa Elsharawy is the Director of Egypt  for Kba Omnia Europe for Egyptian players and coaches .He speaks  Arabic and English too.

Parrish Brown

Parrish Brown Born: Jun 20, 1984 and raised in Chicago,Illinois. Junior College All American played two Years at The University of Maryland and played 9 years Profesional Overseas. Played in Germany, Hungary, Cyprus,Finland just to name a few countries. Parrish Brown after a log pro basketball carrier in europe start to work with KBA OMNIA EEUROPE as basketball major consultant. Parrish he offers immense help to our players enlightening them about European life and basketball style and needs. He aids our players to adjust in order to demonstrate their skills and increase their stock value.

John Kyriakopoulos

Attorney at Law and Economist, with years of successful experience and in depth knowledge in the field of Capital & Money Markets as well as the International Economy. During his extensive career in Finance & the Institutional Investors Asset Management Industry (over 1 billion euros under management), he has acquired multiple and diverse qualifications, both academic, postgraduate and by accreditation, in the Banking Science, Real Estate Appraisal, Investment Advisory, etc.

He has been assigned for more than 4 years (2009-2013) as the Head of the Hellenic Pension Mutual Fund Management Company of Greece, a Sovereign Entity exclusively established for the management of mutual funds owned by all Greek Pension Funds. During his tenure he achieved wide spread recognitions by both local and international press for his unique performance following the Private Sector Involvement of all Greek Government Bondholders in 2009. Under his executive capacity, he was personally involved in the sensitive and unprecedented negotiations pertaining to the Greek Sovereign Debt Restructuring, mostly known as “P.S.I.”.

He has also been CEO and President of Investment Advisory Companies, as well as Real Estate Investment Banking and Property Appraisal Companies.

He has been representing CARLTON GROUP (USA) as the South- East Europe Managing Director for 1 year, exploring investment opportunities in Greece for foreign Sovereign Investors in the Banking, Hospitality and Real Estate sectors of Greece.

Writing Experience

He is the author of a number of publications, namely:

“English-Greek Legal Terminology”

“Employment Law”

“Capital Markets Brief Commentary”,

Teaching Experience

For more than 10 years he has been lecturing in Universities and Banking Association Institutes specialized financial and legal curricula, especially “HELLENIC CAPITAL MARKETS



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